This blog was created out of the need to keep track with the multitude of events that erupted after the crisis broke out in 2009, here in Greece. I always try to cover the events through well known international media. The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, among others are my sources for gathering information.  There are no ads. There are no graphs or pictures from the article. There are no changes as for the text. The format is plain text. The original form of the article can be found at the source which published it. 

Sometimes, bold or italics can be found. Bold signifies interesting (according to my judgement) points. Bold at the beginning of the post is my introduction to the article. Italics are my comments. My comments are always italics and always clearly separated form the article. I try to give as much information as possible about the origins of the articles, the source and those who wrote it. 

Posting an article does not mean I agree with its views.

The blog is mainly about the Greek crisis but not exclusively about it. It never meant to be. So you can find articles about the Transverse Mercator Projection, a tribute to the late prof. N Sarris, all reflecting my interests.
The Administrator.

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